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Universal Flight Planning Program

For FDE Prediction for Remote/Oceanic Operations & RAIM Prediction for Compliance with FAA AC 90-100A

Universal Flight Planning (UFP) Program allows for the user to perform offline GPS FDE predictions for remote/oceanic operations (including Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) airspace), making it possible to obtain approval for remote/oceanic operations using GPS as a primary means of navigation. The program uses a GPS almanac text file in the YUMA format obtained from the U.S. Coast Guard GPS website.

UASC Service Letter 2804, UASC FMS Compliance with FAA Advisory Circular 90-100A, provides information about how FAA AC 90-100A, Terminal and En Route Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations affects flight crews using UASC FMSs in the operation of the RNAV procedures. The UFP Program allows the user to perform offline RAIM predictions, required under some conditions for compliance with FAA AC 90-100A. In addition, to meet the requirements of AC 90-100A paragraph 8.a.(5) the UFP program allows the user to exclude satellites from predictions based on NOTAM out of service schedules.

UASC Service Bulletin 3636, Release of Universal Flight Planning Program 25.8 describes enhancements and changes that were completed in UFP SCN 25.8 as it evolved from UFP SCN 25.6.

Download Universal Flight Planning (UFP) Program