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Navigation Databases

Navigation Databases
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Navigation Database subscription service is offered to provide current, accurate navigation information for your Flight Management System (FMS). Subscriptions are available in worldwide and regional coverage areas to meet the requirements of your flight operations. A special helicopter database is also available for rotorcraft operators.

Navigation Database subscription service for all FMS Software Control Number (SCN) operators is available directly from Universal Avionics. Updates for your subscription areas are distributed on a 28-day cycle and are available to either be shipped directly to your location, or conveniently downloaded from UniNet 14-days prior to the effective date. Each update completely refreshes the entire database, including those waypoints used within your stored routes and pilot-defined procedures.

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FMS Software Control Number (SCN) 802/902 and Later
Operators may also obtain navigation database subscriptions directly from NAVBLUE Ltd. (NAVBLUE) database services draw on one of the world’s largest aeronautical databases, supporting a wide range of electronic navigation needs.

For more information, contact:

Tel: USA: 519-747 1170
Tel: Europe: +46 8 797 5138 or +44 1932 704228
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How do I find my SCN?

For most UNS systems, the SCN is shown on the Initialization page that automatically appears at the end of the self-test when the unit is powered on. You can find your SCN in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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