CPDLC Departure Clearances

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) Departure Clearance (DCL) procedures at many larger and busy airports. CPDLC DCL allows Air Traffic Control (ATC) to approve departure clearances or send departure clearances through digital communications, rather than voice communications. The digital communications procedure is much more efficient than the older voice DCL acceptance or revision requests.

Many aircraft that are equipped with CPDLC DCL have been provided with different taxiways in order to move ahead of everyone else when weather is moving in. Aircraft without this capability, can essentially be caught in the back of the line, proving airspace is developing into a “best equipped, best served” environment. Domestic operators who frequent busy airports that offer CPDLC DCL service will desire this capability, regardless of the need for oceanic FANS.

With Universal Avionics’ FANS and CPDLC solution, operators can take advantage of yet another fuel and time savings operation by utilizing the CPDLC DCL procedures.


Universal Avionics Solution

FANS 1/A+ and CPDLC solution To equip for CPDLC DCL, operators need datalink Communications Management Unit (CMU) and SBAS-enabled FMS, such as Universal Avionics UniLink UL-800/801 and SBAS-FMS.

Additional information regarding CPDLC DCL can be found in our “Understanding Data Comm Systems with FANS 1/A+, CPDLC DCL and ATN B1” white paper.


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Data Comm CPDLC DCL Operational Airports


Bombardier Lear 60

Bombardier Learjet 60

"I've had the opportunity to utilize DCL services at KTEB, KMIA, and KDAL. I have found the DCL capability to be robust and have already received revised clearances and EDCT revisions all without talking to clearance delivery. Enter the flight plan recall number, request ATIS, and logon to ATC for DCL – all without turning on the radios."

Owen Watkins, Chief Operating Officer
General Transervice

Gulfstream GIVSP

Gulfstream GIVSP

"We’ve been able to take advantage of multiple CPDLC Departure Clearances, particularly out of KOAK. It’s a handy capability to have and makes the pilot’s job a little easier, especially since you don’t have to worry about writing the clearance down or any associated human errors – everything is displayed for you to see right on the FMS."

Doug Cummins, Captain
KaiserAir Charter Fleet