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Universal Avionics Offers Package Incentive
for Operators Seeking Latest CPDLC Capability

Business Aviation Retrofit Solution Offered as CPDLC Enroute Services Begin


Tucson, AZ - October 22, 2019 – Universal Avionics announces an incentive package for operators seeking to equip for Data Comm using the company’s UniLink Communications Management Unit (CMU) as the cornerstone of their data link flight deck upgrade. The package, which provides financial incentive to equip UniLink UL-80X, is effective January 1, 2020. UniLink provides various data communications capabilities, including CPDLC DCL, CPDLC Enroute and FANS 1/A+ oceanic. This financial incentive is strategically designed for retrofit upgrade of business aviation aircraft, who can benefit significantly from FAA’s Data Comm services currently being rolled out across the U.S. 

CPDLC Enroute services are now in deployed at two ATCC centers (ZID – Indianapolis and ZKC-Kansas City), with full implementation across the U.S. scheduled throughout 2020 and into 2021 2020, according to a report issued by Data Comm partner L3 Harris Corp. The first phase of the FAA’s NextGen Data Comm initiative, CPDLC Departure Clearance (DCL), is now implemented and operating in 62 airports in U.S. airspace.

The NextGen Data Comm program reduces communication time between controllers and pilots, improves re-routing around weather and congestion, and increases flexibility and accommodation of end user requests – which all reduces flying time and saves fuel for operators.

As the initiative rolls into its next phase, avionics manufacturers are working with aircraft OEMs to equip new aircraft flight decks with a complement of data communications capabilities. However, operators flying today can install data link avionics in their cockpit as a retrofit upgrade in order to take advantage of CPDLC DCL and Enroute services.  

“We’ve seen a lot of focus so far on the benefit of equipping airline (transport) and Part 121 operators,” says Dan Reida, VP Sales and Support for Universal Avionics. “However, there is substantial operational improvement for business aviation operators who take advantage of CPDLC DCL and Enroute capabilities.”

UniLink is well-positioned for aftermarket upgrade of business aviation aircraft. The FAA has issued 15 STCs for UA UniLink FANS/CPDLC, held by 6 Authorized dealers for 13 business aircraft types including Bombardier CL-600/601, LearJet 45 and 60, Falcon 2000 (EX), 900 (EX), 50 (EX), Gulfstream GII, GIII, GIV and GV, with numerous others in work.   

UniLink’s latest software, SCN 31.3, was released late last year. It provides an increase in operational efficiency for users by supporting route clearance uplinks and downlinks, including flight plan updates from Air Traffic Control (ATC) messages, requests to ATC for flight plan changes, and reports of the flight plan to ATC, commonly referred to as ‘push to load’ capability. SCN 31.3 meets FAA AC 20-140C.

“UA is the leader in avionics to support data link capabilities. We launched our first data link product 22 years ago specifically for business aviation aftermarket upgrades and have strategically innovated in this area ever since. We believe we have the most capable and cost-effective solution in the industry,” says UA’s Reida.   

About Universal Avionics

Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems Company, is a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial avionics systems offered as retrofit and forward-fit solutions for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry. To learn more about Universal Avionics, visit

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