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Universal Avionics Supports First Flight of MD Helicopters 902 Explorer® with InSight® Integrated Flight Deck

Marks an Important Step in Development of New Avionics Suite

Tucson, AZ – March 1, 2016 – Universal Avionics announces accomplishment of the first flight of MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) MD 902 Explorer with the InSight Integrated Flight Deck. The successful testing was achieved at MDHI’s Mesa, Arizona (USA) facility in multiple phases and concluded on February 17th.

“This is an important step in the development of the new avionics suite for the MD 902,” said Grady Dees, Universal Avionics Director of Technical Sales. “Flight testing was conducted in multiple phases including ground run operations, ramp area hover/maneuvering, and airport area operations with speed and altitude buildups,” he added. “It concluded with an up and away flight to a test area away from the airport traffic area.”

“The MD test team was supported by an on-site team from Universal Avionics and our partner, Howell Instruments,” said Carl Schopfer, Chief Technology Officer for MD Helicopters. “All display and engine functions performed as expected. Flight testing will continue with the current configuration, and incremental software changes and additional systems integrations are planned prior to certification.”

MDHI is the launch OEM customer with the InSight Integrated Flight Deck for production and retrofit MD 902 Explorer helicopters. The flight deck features two or three large format high-resolution LCD displays with LED backlighting. A collective-mounted Cursor Slew Switch allows for a unique 'Point & Click' display control allowing pilots to keep "hands on, head up" during all phases of flight.

Throughout the 2016 Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo, MDHI will have a MD 902 Explorer flight deck available in their Booth No. 8151. The flight deck includes a fully functional three-display InSight system with simulation. In addition to demonstrations, the flight deck will be used for evaluation of software releases during the ongoing flight test program, integration testing with other Line Replaceable Units (LRU), human factors evaluations, and training.

To learn more about the InSight Integrated Flight Deck, stop by Universal Avionics Booth No. 9333 or MDHI Booth No. 8151 during Heli-Expo. Exhibits are open March 1st – March 3rd.

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