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New Touch CDU iPad App for FMS Trainer Now Available

On Demonstration in Universal Avionics Booth During NBAA2015

On Demonstration in Universal Avionics Booth During NBAA2015

Tucson, AZ – November 17, 2015 – Universal Avionics new Touch CDU app for the Flight Management System Trainer (FMST) desktop software is now available and on demonstration during the NBAA2015 – Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.

Available for the iPad, the Touch CDU app acts as a virtual Control Display Unit (CDU), allowing the operator to interact with the FMST desktop software program. Supporting FMST v1.0 and later, the app includes 4" Flat Panel CDU (FPCDU), 5" FPCDU and Multi-functional (MCDU) display options. It provides all of the interactive functionality of a physical FPCDU including data entry, Line Select Key (LSK) selection, and Function Key selection – without the expense of purchasing the physical unit. It's a perfect complement to any in-house training or familiarization program for Universal Avionics FMS.

"Many Civil Aviation Agencies require certificate holders to have physical key touch for avionics training compliance, but using a real CDU may not be in the budget," said Bob Bruce, Universal Avionics Pilot Instructor. "Although the FMST has an onscreen CDU which can be operated by mouse or touchscreen with compatible computers, those operators without computer touchscreen capability need an alternate method," he added. "The Touch CDU app meets that requirement. Also, many certificate holders issue iPads to their new hires and as part of the training package on this iPad, the Touch CDU app could easily be installed. Universal Avionics is here to provide guidance for training classroom setup with iPad interface."

The FMST Desktop Software Program provides interactive training for the Flight Management Systems (FMS). The Windows® PC-based software loads right on your personal computer. It features a fully interactive FPCDU, and depicts Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND).

Current FMST subscribers require an update to their license key in order to enable the Wi-Fi connection between the Touch CDU app and computer. Please contact your Universal Avionics Regional Sales Manager to upgrade your FMST license for Touch CDU.

To learn more about the FMST and Touch CDU app, visit Universal Avionics Booth N5733 during NBAA2015.

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