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Upcoming Change to Navigation Database Supplier

Jul 20, 2021

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Effective with the Cycle 2109 dated 9 September 2021, the primary data source for UA’s Navigation Databases in Flight Management Systems (FMS) with Software Control Number (SCN) 802.X / 902.X and later will switch from Jeppesen to Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Data Services. There are no associated pricing or part number changes with this switch, and no action is needed on your behalf.

The effect of this change on the operation of the FMS has been thoroughly tested. This included substantial internal testing and the qualification of the updated database to DO-200A. It was beta tested in operational use with a select group of operators representing a cross section of UA’s user base. Overall, any changes / differences will be transparent to the user. Some subtle differences in your FMS data such as differing waypoint conventions and minor nuances on leg procedures may be noticed. Error reporting will be the same as well as future customer notifications regarding database issues.

UA’s decision to switch the provider of the FMS Navigation Database comes after an extensive period of careful review and beta testing. This switch enables UA to continue to provide industry leading support as the company’s product portfolio offering expands through the InSight™ Display System, ClearVision™ Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), Interactive Flight Management System (i-FMS), and more.

Lufthansa Systems offers a mature product with database information on more than 24,000 airports, 100,000 airway segments, and 200,000 waypoints. It meets the highest standards in currency, precision, and data integrity.

Additional UA product databases including FMS with SCN 801.X / 901.X and earlier will transition to Lufthansa Systems at a later date, to be announced. Any tailored and / or special procedures that were not included in this cycle will be phased in with future cycles.

For more information, please reference UA Service Letter (SL) No. 2917, available from the Tech Pubs tab on UniNet. For additional questions, please contact UA Customer Support.

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