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The Effect of a New Navigation Database Cycle Being Loaded or Activated

May 20, 2021

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Need to download or activate a new company or pilot navigation database cycle? Here’s what you need to know before you begin.

Company Database

When a Company Database is resident in the FMS and a Navigation Database (other than the one used for creating that Company Database) is subsequently loaded, the resident Company Database will be erased without annunciation.

Pilot Database

Navigation Database items used in defining pilot data are checked for movement and deletion when the Navigation Database is loaded/updated. A flashing identifier or element signifies that, subsequent to the time the route was created, it has been moved or otherwise affected by a Navigation Database change during an update process.  Immediately following initialization, any updates are annunciated by a PLT DB UPDATED message displayed on the Message Page and will indicate which data has changed (ALIGN, APPR, ARPT, RNWY, ROUTE, SID, STAR and WPT).

  • If an approach waypoint moves 0.1 to 0.25 arc minute, the affected airport, approach, transition identifiers and leg terminators will flash on the Pilot Data Pages.  If the waypoint moves more than 0.25 arc minute or is not found, the affected airport, approach and transition identifiers will flash, and leg terminators will be replaced with a flashing *GAP*.
  • If a waypoint or runway used in a final approach is moved or deleted, the pilot approach is deleted.  Deleted approach identifiers will flash and be preceded with a “D” on the Pilot Approach Directory Page.
  • If a SID or STAR waypoint moves 0.25 to 0.5 arc minute, the affected airport, runway, SID/STAR, transition identifiers, and leg terminators will flash.  If the waypoint moves more than 0.5 arc minute or is not found, the affected airport, runway, SID/STAR, and transition identifiers will flash, and a flashing *GAP* is inserted in pilot defined routes containing SIDs/STARs and flight plans.
  • If a Navigation Database waypoint in a pilot route moves 0.5 to 1.4 arc minute, the affected route identifier and leg terminator will flash.
  • If the waypoint moves more than 1.4 arc minute or is not found, the route identifier will flash, and a *GAP* will be inserted into the pilot route.

Resolving a Flashing Identifier or Route Element

  • To correct a flashing waypoint in a flight plan or route, place the cursor over the waypoint and press [ENTER].
  • To remedy a flashing *GAP*, reenter the waypoint if it is still in the Navigation Database, then delete the *GAP* from the route or edit the flight plan to establish a new routing.

For more information or assistance, please contact UA's Support team.

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