TAWS and Vision-1® Databases

Airport Databases

Universal Avionics TAWS and Vision-1® Airport Database includes more than 10,000 airports and approximately 18,000 runways worldwide. The Airport Data Listing lists the airports in the Airport Database, and a list of airports with unknown datums is provided in Airports with Unknown Datums.

For more information regarding airports with unknown datums, see Airport Databases, Information regarding Unknown Datums (SL2813).

Airport Data is updated every 28 days and is available, on request, for download from UniNet, our Online Service Center, or for delivery on an annual subscription basis. Additional information and availability is described in the TAWS Airport Database Information and TAWS Airport Database Updates documents.

To start a subscription, contact our Database Services department:
Tel: 520-295 2300
Fax: 520-295 2394
Email Database Services

Changes in the TAWS and Vision-1® Airport Database in the past calendar year and in the latest update are included in the Yearly Report and Current Cycle Report documents, respectively.


Database Services
Tel: 520-295 2300
Fax: 520-295 2394
Email Database Services


Terrain Databases

Universal Avionics Terrain Database includes the latest terrain feature updates to increase the effectiveness of TAWS. The Terrain Database can be field loaded in TAWS units. See the TAWS or Vision-1® Service Bulletin for media availability and TAWS or Vision-1® Load Instructions for applicable loading instructions.

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