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CVR/FDR | Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders

  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • Data Analysis Providers

Lightweight and Compact Recorder

Universal Avionics’ “CVFDR” includes a line of Cockpit Voice (CVR) and Flight Data (FDR) recorders available in five model options, providing a customized recording solution for your aircraft. The CVFDR offers an independent as well as a combination or “combi” cockpit voice and flight data recording capability, each with an internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) option. Weighing less than nine pounds, the lightweight and compact CVFDR is the most advanced and convenient recorder available today.

The CVFDR’s unique internal RIPS option provides a backup power source in the event of a main power failure and allows aircraft to meet the FAA’s latest RIPS requirement without the additional size, weight and complexity of an external RIPS unit. Universal’s proprietary technology provides these capabilities without the need to maintain internal batteries.

Universal’s CVFDR was developed in compliance with the newest, most rigorous testing and crash survivability standards stipulated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other aviation authorities around the world. Operators can now meet all published and emerging regulations for cockpit voice, digital flight data and datalink recording with the convenience of a small, lightweight unit.


  • Flexible recording options: five models available

  • Internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) option

  • No internal batteries to maintain

  • 120 Minutes of cockpit voice and ambient audio recording

  • 120 minutes of datalink messaging recording

  • Records at least 25 hours of flight data recording

  • Interfaces with data downloader tools to allow quick download of data from virtually any aircraft between flights

  • Ethernet interface for on-aircraft data downloading

  • Helicopter rotor speed

  • Meets ED-112

Product Models

  • CVFDR-145 (Combined CVR and FDR unit)

  • CVFDR-145R (Combined CVR and FDR unit with embedded RIPS)

  • CVR-120A (Baseline CVR)

  • CVR-120R (CVR with embedded RIPS)

  • FDR-25 (Baseline FDR)


Size: 6.1 in. (H) x 4.9 in. (W) x 8.0 in. (D)


With RIPS: 8.8 lbs.
Without RIPS: 8.2 lbs.

Power: 28 Vdc/115 Vac
Mounting: Circular connector, bolt-down mount

Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS)

Optional backup power allows the CVR to record data for 10 minutes +/- 1 minute after a power fail

Voice/Data Stored in Solid-State Flash Memory

Recording Times

120 Minutes of cockpit voice and ambient audio
25 Hours of flight data (minimum)
120 minutes of datalink messaging

Maintenance on Condition Yields Lower Cost of Ownership

No requirement for periodic maintenance (excluding ULB)

ARINC 757 Compatible Recorded Inputs

Three crew microphones

One area microphone
Helicopter rotor speed
UTC or FSK time
Datalink ARINC 758

Bulk Erase Feature

ARINC 717 Flight Data Recording

Additional data storage beyond 25 hours

Control Unit Options

Dzus mount or remote CCU

Test Set

PC-based ramp testing/diagnostic

Certification and Safety Requirements Met

TSO-C123b: Cockpit Voice Recorder Systems
TSO-C124b: Flight Data Recorder Systems
TSO-C155: Recorder Independent Power Supply
TSO-C177: Data Link Recorder Systems

EUROCAE ED-112: Minimum Operational Performance Specification for Crash Protected Airborne Recorder Systems

FAA Revisions to Cockpit Voice Recorder and Digital Flight Data Regulations; Final Rule