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Management of Multiple Approach Indicators in the FMS

Apr 16, 2018
By: Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

Universal Avionics develops Navigation Databases for the Flight Management Systems (FMS) from a third party navigation source data. This source data includes multiple approach indicators, used to differentiate multiple approach procedures of the same type to the same runway. The multiple approach indicator is included in the approach title as it displays on the approach chart in the FMS; for example, RNAV (GPS) Z Rwy 22.

Applicability to Universal Avionics FMSs

Universal Avionics FMS models operating Software Control Number (SCN) 803/903 and earlier are not able to support multiple approach indicators. Upgrading to an SBAS-FMS (SCN 1000/1100 and later) provides the opportunity to accept these added procedures.

Display management

If the FMS does not support multiple approach indicators, only one of the procedures will display as outlined:

  • When A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 designators are present, the first procedure (A or 1) will be displayed (without the multiple approach indicator)
  • When the X, Y, Z designators are present, the last procedure (Z) will be displayed (without the multiple approach indicator)
  • In cases where an RNAV (RNP) or RNAV (GPS) procedure with "LPV Only" or "LP Only" minima is designated as the Z procedure, the Y, X, etc. procedure will be contained in the database (displayed without the multiple approach indicator)

FMS Multiple Approach
Example of multiple approach indicator in approach numbers 6 and 7

Exceptions to the display guidelines

As of March 29, 2018, Jeppesen's exception list highlights 123 exceptions to the display rules previously outlined. Operators who think that a procedure may be missing from the database should check the exception list located on Jeppesen's website under Aviation Notices and Alerts. You may also obtain a copy of Jeppesen's list of exceptions from Universal Avionics Navigation Database Sales. If NAVBLUE Limited is the database supplier, please contact the company directly for their list of exceptions.

Contact information

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